Warm 'Breakfast' Salad

This is a beautiful recipe for those days when you fancy a truly hearty Scottish breakfast with a twist. Perfect with a slightly oozy egg and a bit of fresh, crunchy salad.


1 packet speyside chipolatas
2 slices smoky bacon cut into strips
1 slice speyside black pudding (diced into 1cm cubes)
1 free range egg semi-soft boiled (quartered)
8 button mushrooms
6 cherry tomatoes (halved)
50g washed salad leaves, rocket and curly endive


Start by browning off the chipolatas in a frying pan – you want a really good golden colour without any burnt bits.

In the meantime, grill the bacon and black pudding gently. Since they’re small keep an eye on them as you don’t want them over done.

In a separate pan gently sauté (that’s a fancy word for frying off small pieces of food in a splash of oil) the mushrooms, take off the heat and add the tomatoes.

In a mixing bowl, take the prepared leaves and add the browned chipolatas, crispy bacon, juicy black pudding and the warm mushrooms and tomatoes, then place the slightly oozy egg on top.

Get stuck in, toss it around a bit to mix up all the lovely flavours and share evenly (or not) amongst your guests

In the words of Gordon Ramsay......Warm ‘Breakfast’ Salad........DONE!

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