Black Pudding and Scallops with an orange and cardamom syrup

This is a brilliant recipe with a tangy citrus twist, combining two of Scotland’s best ingredients to create a beautiful starter or light main meal.


1 slice speyside black pudding
3 hand sliced scallops or good quality king scallops
100ml fresh orange juice
100g caster sugar
3 bruised cardamom pods


Combine the orange juice, sugar and cardamom in a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil. Turn this down to a simmer and then reduce this to a gooey syrup. That’s done at 110⁰C if you are high-tech and have a sugar thermometer!

Set the syrup aside to cool.

Place the black pudding on a tray and grill. Make sure you turn this over half way through and then set aside, making sure you keep it warm.

Heat a frying pan with a splash of cooking oil (any oil – your choice). Heat this until almost smoking.

Gently place the scallops in the pan and cook on both sides until you get a beautiful brown and caramelised colour. Don’t overcook though – this should only take around 30-45 seconds each side.

Centre your black pudding on the serving dish and place the scallops on the top (you can dress the scallops with some rocket if you are out to impress). For that finishing touch drizzle the orange syrup around the outside of the dish.

Not only does it look great – it tastes absolutely brilliant!

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