Fitness Enthusiasts Applaud New Power Food Range at Major Exhibition

Fitness enthusiasts have recently hailed Speyside Specialities new power food range a success. The food manufacturing company was in attendance at the Sports, Fitness and Nutrition (SFN) Expo at the SECC in Glasgow last week. Nutrition conscious fitness devotees sampled three burgers from the high protein range – the great steak burger, the very berry burger and the seeded burger.

The range, which is endorsed by celebrity health expert and nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan is the Buckie based companies first venture into the health and nutrition market.

Speyside Specialities master butcher Stefan Gelrich, who largely developed the range commented, “Speyside Specialities traditionally make authentic Scottish food such as haggis, sausages and Scottish puddings. We came up with a new line of burgers made especially for athletes, bodybuilders and nutrition conscious people in mind.

“It is a product that is relatively new to us, and the market. They are made with lean grass fed beef, and are rich in protein and low in saturated fat. We’ve also added various super foods to the range such as adzuki beans, hemp seeds and blueberries, which can aid muscle building, boost metabolism and help with muscle recovery.

“The response from athletes and fitness enthusiasts at the SFN expo was fantastic. We sampled three of the burger variations, with every single one receiving the thumbs up from attendees. We are now looking forward to getting a good foothold in the market, as we really are offering a quality product. “

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