Aberdeen Warriors Reveal ‘Scrum’ptious Power Food Range Is Secret To Success

Scottish Rugby League champions, The Aberdeen Warriors, have today revealed that training, exercise and, surprisingly, a new brand of burgers are behind their success. The team worked up a healthy appetite at Aberdeen’s Cross Fit Gym in the city’s Urquhart Road to launch the new Power Food range of ‘Beefed Up’ Burgers – hand-crafted by Buckie-based food manufacturers, Speyside Specialities.

The manufacturer, which also sells traditional Scottish produce such as haggis, white pudding and oatmeal stuffing in Scotland’s large supermarket chains, is delighted to have the backing of the team as it launches the range, specifically aimed at fitness enthusiasts. ‘Beefed Up’ Burgers have been nutritionally verified, coming in at just 190 calories or below per 100g of burger, and incorporate a variety of ‘power food’ ingredients that provide benefits such as slow release energy and muscle building properties.

David Lawson, director of Speyside Specialities, says, “Our aim was to redefine the burger, helping to change the market perception that they go hand-in-hand with obesity. The concept of health products was discussed over a year ago when Jadelyn Fiori, Speyside’s concept development manager, who came up with the idea of our ‘Little Oinks’ and ‘Little Moos’ sausages - the healthy option of sausages for kids. However, it wasn’t until Gordon and Tara Sustins, friends of mine, came up with the idea of adding super foods into burgers that the whole concept of the power food range kicked off. It was then that the Speyside Specialities development team started to come up with a range of ‘Beefed–up’ Burgers.

“Obviously what goes into the body fuels your performance – whether you are a runner, footballer or bodybuilder so we decided to redefine the burger, ultimately helping to reshape the body. We are excited to present a new, lean Scottish meat product to the market which acts to enhance the diet of someone who is dedicated to taking great care of their body, fitness and wellbeing.”

“Burgers are synonymously linked to unhealthy eating and this can be the case if purchasing food from fast food suppliers or burgers made from cheaper cuts of meat. We want to break that stigma and provide our customers with a burger which is both rich in nutrients and high in protein, as well as adding wonderful power food ingredients such as adzuki beans, hemp seeds and blueberries.

“Our innovative new power food range has been created specifically with fitness enthusiasts in mind. Our range of succulent burgers not only taste great, but also include special power foods that are proven to help increase muscle building, boost metabolism and aid muscle recovery. To top it all off, our burgers are also gluten free, except for our slow release carb burger that contains oats.”

David concludes, “Many other food retailers and butchers add the additional ingredients as a readymade of the shelf seasoning but we have put all the nutrient-dense super food ingredients directly into the burgers - in essence building these from the inside out and producing the ‘beefed up’ burgers. All of our burgers use 90% lean Scottish meat.”

Craig Parslow, headcoach and chairman of Aberdeen Warriors, says, “The team were intrigued by the new range of burgers which are being produced by Speyside Specialities as the guys love their food and we are always looking at the healthiest options to improve our performance on the field.

“Everyone is obsessed with ‘clean eating’ at the moment and this new range certainly ticks that box.”

The Original Power Food ‘Beefed Up’ burger varieties include The Great Steak Burger, The Fiery Bean Burger, The Herb & Garlic Burger, The Seeded Burger, The Very Berry Burger and The Steak and Oats Burger.

To find out more about the ingredients and nutritional value of the power food range, or to place an order email powerfoods@speysidespecialities.co.uk or call 01542 831320.

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